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Wisdom Teeth. What are they? Do we need them?

Wisdom teeth are formally referred to as the ‘third molars’. Third molars adopted the commonly used name ‘wisdom teeth’ because they appear much later than other teeth. Wisdom teeth appear at an age where people are presumably ‘wiser’ than as…

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Early Childhood Caries

Early childhood tooth decay can occur in infants as a result of ‘early childhood caries’ (ECC). This term is also referred to as baby bottle tooth decay, baby bottle caries or bottle rot. What are the causes of Childhood tooth…

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Pediatric Dentist Vancouver

How to Select a Pediatric Dentist

If you’re seeking a Pediatric dentist in Kitsilano Vancouver, the team at Vancouver Dental Group have the expertise and care you expect when dealing with dentistry for children. Located in Kitsilano in Vancouver, our clinic is conveniently located to serve…

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