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Periodontist point at a mold of human teeth

Periodontist Vancouver

What is a periodontist? By this point, you’ve already discovered it’s a specialized form of dentistry. These doctors spend an average of three extra years studying the supporting structures of your teeth—also known as your periodontium. The periodontium is made…

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Gum surgery patient

Gum Surgery Vancouver

Why and when is gum surgery required? There are two reasons that an individual may consider gum surgery. One reason is for cosmetic purposes and the other is out of necessity due to disease or other medical, gum related issues….

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The History of the toothbrush

A ‘simple’ invention perhaps, the toothbrush is an item that exists in pretty much every household. Most of you know what the modern version of toothbrush looks like, but have you ever taken the time to see how the toothbrush…

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