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Woman holding sore mouth

Dental Bruxism

What is Dental Bruxism? Dental bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, is a condition where a person regularly grinds their teeth and/or clenches their jaw. While this can occur consciously or unconsciously during the day, it most often occurs at…

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dentist shaking patient's hand

Should You Seek a Second Dental Opinion?

Another informative dental article by your Vancouver Dentist! Should You Get a Second Opinion From a Dentist? While many of us have a regular family dentist that we have been going to for years,there are many people, who for a…

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pregnant woman looking at her teeth

Dental Care During and After Pregnancy

Before Pregnancy It’s always a good idea to ensure that you have excellent dental health before becoming pregnant. This includes a full cleaning, and having any fillings or other repair work done prior to pregnancy. This will allow your dentist…

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