Gum Surgery

Oral Surgery for Dental Implants, Restorations, and Wisdom Tooth Removal

Oral surgery is often an important part of other dental procedures, such as dental implants, restorations and wisdom tooth removal.

Experienced Vancouver Gum Surgeons

Our dentists at Vancouver Dental Group have been performing oral and gum surgery for years. They are up to date on the latest procedures and practices. They have the latest, technologically advanced equipment and gum surgery tools at their disposal.

We perform all of our oral and gum surgery in our state-of-the-art dental clinic, where the comfort of our patients is always paramount.

Gum surgery in Vancouver

If you need to have gum surgery in Vancouver for dental implants, dental restoration, tooth removal or any other dental procedure, contact us to book your appointment today.

If you are a dentist and you need a reliable dental team to refer your patients for oral or gum surgery, please visit our referral page today.