Root Canal Treatments

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Root canal treatment has improved substantially over the past few years. Technology advancements, better tools and techniques have changed and improved root canal procedures, providing safer, less invasive and better results.

We use the latest technology and techniques

At Vancouver Dental Group, we use the latest methods to remove infected tissue and to disinfect surrounding areas with 3D obturation. We also use fifth generation shaping files to make cleaning and shaping easier for both the dentist and the patients.

The team at Vancouver Dental Group have performed root canal treatments for several years on several individuals and always remain current with the latest approaches to root canal therapy. We understand that when the phrase “root canal” is mentioned to many individuals, there’s uncertainty as to what the overall process entails.

Not only will we ensure that you are well educated as to the approach we  will take with your particular dental situation, we can also ensure that you will be completely comfortable thorough the entire procedure. The assumed, associated pain that used to be synonymous with root canal procedures, are now a thing of the past, thanks to modern approaches and state of the art equipment.

The professionals at Vancouver Dental Group, look forward to discussing your dental needs, during a free, initial consultation.


Sedation Dentistry

If you are particularly nervous about having a root canal procedure, ask us about our sedation dentistry services today.

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