dentist pointing at xrays

All About Dental X-Rays

When we see a new patient at Vancouver Dental Group, we like to do a full diagnostic work-up of the patient’s dental health so that we have a full understanding of what, if any, treatments the patient will require. During…

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man holding face in pain

How to Treat Dental Pain Naturally at Home

Vancouver dentist provides potential home remedies for minor tooth pain! From time to time, we’ve all suffered from the odd bout of dental pain. And while you should always check with us at Vancouver Dental Group if you have sudden…

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Dental Anxieties

Vancouver dentist discuses dental anxieties in this new blog entry! Dealing with Dental Anxiety Do you suffer from anxiety and fear at the thought of going to the dentist? If so, you’re among a high percentage of Canadians that feel…

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